RACE REFLECTIONS ACADEMY aims to make knowledge that matters accessible when it matters and where it matters. Our pricing structure aims to reflect this. Because the ACADEMY is launching, we have introduced significantly discounted prices, sale prices essentially, these won’t last forever.

Don’t hang around too long…

Still need convincing?

How about this? Be one of our first 100 learners and get invited to an online group discussion on racial trauma where you can share your learning and reflections with others and with Guilaine Kinouani, Race Reflections’ founder and director.

Make a group booking and get your own ‘in-house’ group discussion.

What are you waiting for? Join us now.

Tell your friends.

Tell your peers.

Tell your colleagues, I mean what the hell! Tell the whole world.

The launch prices below are per person.

Pricing Structure

Race Reflections Members

Early bird £150 – Post Launch £199

Students and unwaged

Early bird £175 – Post Launch £225

Groups/organisational bookings

20 bookings: Early bird £299 – Post Launch £350

21-45 bookings: Early bird £275 – Post Launch £299

46-99 bookings : Early bird £ 250 – Post Launch £ 275

Let’s build a fairer world together!

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