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Inequality, injustice and oppression occur at all levels of organisational functioning and processes. This means that, invariably, unconscious forces are going to be central to their reproduction and the preservation of the status quo.

The overwhelming majority of ‘Diversity & Inclusion’ training courses frame unconscious bias (UBT) as stereotypes, pre-conceived, or automatic/unintentional beliefs which fall outside of our conscious awareness. These are considered as implicit knowledge or cognitive shortcuts that influence our behaviour, decision making and attitudes.

Such a framing fails to truly engage with more radical conceptualisations of the unconscious as reservoir of unacceptable urges, impulses and traumatic memories stored away from our conscious awareness, as individuals and as groups, primarily to avoid pain, tension or conflict.


The Unconscious at Work course essentially aims to engage with the explanatory power of analytic formulations to understand why inequality, injustice and oppression might happen at work. It will make use of psychoanalytic and group analytic core concepts to illuminate mechanisms of Othering, exclusion, injustice and structural violence within organisations.


Upon completing this course participants will be able to;

  • Describe basic unconscious mechanisms and dynamics and how they differ from UBT ‘implicit’/cognitive processes
  • Understand their impact on group processes and organisational cultures
  • Link key unconscious dynamics to inequality, injustice and oppression
  • Use and apply practical strategies to mitigate adverse psychological, cultural and structural consequences


BITE SIZE courses are high-impact, topical and practical introductions to inequality, injustice and oppression related subjects which should take no longer than two hours to complete.

Learners will have one month to complete the course.

The course comprises reading material, relevant videos, a presentation and references.


Non-members/public INTRODUCTORY PRICE £59.99 (early bird £39.99)

This course will be available FREE of access to Race Reflections Professional and Personal Development members ONLY. It is priced at £20.00 for all other Race Reflections Members. The course will be available by the end of 2020. We will start to take early bird bookings sometime in October.

To register your interest, email us ( or use the contact form below and we will let you know when registration opens.