STILL I RISE : Self-care In the face of Racism

Self-care In the mist of Racism PART 1 EDUCATORS

Black and Brown children start to experience racism at a very young age. Racism has far reaching consequences on their cognitive, emotional and relational development.

Parents, educators and children services can be at a loss about how best to support children when they experience racism, often reproducing the very same ‘conspiracy of silence’ which leaves children having to manage the psychological costs e.g confusion, shame, anxiety, distress…on their own and, resulting in them internalising Otherness, inferiority and ‘difference’.

There are various reasons why we struggle with naming and addressing racism in childhood. Still, our duty of care must extend to the need to support and protect the well-being and welfare of children of colour in relation to race-based challenges, if we are serious about tackling institutional racism within schools and other children services.


STILL i RISE is an evidenced based programme to support the well-being of children of colour around issues of racism. It consists of 3 PARTS. Each part is targeted at one key stakeholder group; PART 1 at Educators, PART 2 at Parents and Carers and, PART 3 at children. Each part has been designed to complement and reinforce messages contained within the programme, while still being needs and audience specific thus self-standing.

By the end of PART 1, learners would have acquired;

  • Strategies to address blockers to tackling racism, including psychological and structural barriers
  • An understanding of the different types of racism that children of colour are exposed to
  • A firm grasp of the impact of racism on children’s development
  • An awareness of the signs and manifestations of racial trauma/race-based stress in children
  • Increased confidence in supporting children who disclose experiences of racism and in managing race based incidents
  • The ability to apply anti-racism principles within children services and schools


The course comprises reading material, guided study, relevant videos and references. Learners may also join an online forum to connect with other learners taking the course. The forum will be available 14 days after the course contents becomes available. PowerPoint presentations summarising the course and concluding the course will also made available upon completion of the course.

Learners will have 3 months to complete the course. PART 1 of STILL i RISE is for those working with children. Teachers primarily but also, helping professionals, medical staff, managers and others with an interest in psychology, mental health, social justice, anti-racism and children’s development.

This course may be delivered face to face over 2 days.


The online course is priced at £399 for non-members and £199 for Race Reflections’ members. Early bird discounts will be offered. The course will be available from this September.

Additional options for group coaching, consultation and other training may be incorporated at additional costs.

To register your interest please email us ( or use the contact form below.