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Welcome to Race Reflections’ first online course: An Introduction to Racial Trauma!

This course is the first of its kind in the U.K.

This is a 4-5 PARTS thorough, emotionally challenging and reflexive course which will equip learners with the theoretical and, empirical underpinning of racial trauma together with strategies and clinical tools to support those struggling with racism related distress.

Each PART is expected to take 3-5 hours to complete on average.

Learners will have 3 months to complete the course. The course is suitable for all helping professionals, teachers, medical staff, managers and others with an interest in psychology, mental health, social justice AND anti-racism.

The course comprises reading material, guided study, relevant videos and references. Learners may also join an online forum to connect with other learners taking the course. PowerPoints presentations are being finalised…

Note on positionality

I am a black woman. An EU migrant and a mother who has struggled with experiences of gendered racism in most social structures. I write I feel, with more conviction when I write from a place of familiarity, so I do centre blackness not to exclude but to speak with authority and shift the balance of power. Most of the challenges covered, I have no doubt in the main apply to people of colour and, arguably to other marginalised groups.

The course makes use of various sources of knowledge, my own research, empirical data, lived evidence and clinical experience and associated theories. At times sections of previously published material are used.

This is a living course and so we hope to improve it as we go and with your feedback. So you may find that more resources are added and sections shift a bit.

I will check on you! And I am really looking forward to connecting and hearing about your experience of the course.

Thank you for your trust.

Guilaine Kinouani Founder & Head Disruptor Race Reflections Ltd