Intersectionality, Crenshaw’s brainchild as a scholarly analytic framework, refers to the cumulative and transformative ways axes of oppression (such as racism, sexism, classism and ableism) combine to increase marginalised groups’ vulnerability to violence, invisibility and abuses of power. All axes of oppression are associated with increased incidences of psychological distress and ‘mental health problems’. When they intersect however, they increase vulnerability and can give rise to specific forms of psychological and structural harm, which need particular attention and action.

Intersectionality has become something of a buzz word in popular culture however, its radical foundation and its call to make visible and to reduce systemic harm, which originate from critical theory and black feminism, is often whitewashed. This course will return to intersectionality’s radical roots to help learners examine the importance of this theoretical framework to see and tackle risks factors to psychological distress in multiply marginalised groups.


This course is the first of its kind in the U.K.! It aims to provide a solid understanding of intersectionality. This is a 4-5 PARTS thorough, emotionally challenging and reflexive programme which will equip learners with the theoretical and, empirical underpinning of intersectionality in relation to mental health together with strategies to reduce intersectional harm.


  • Grasp the meaning and origins of intersectionality
  • Explore how various axes of oppression may combine and increase vulnerability to structural violence though lived experience
  • Understand the psychological and mental health effect of intersectional violence including current empirical findings
  • Learn practical ways to reduce structural harm linked to intersectionality
  • Take a positioned, embodied approach to self-reflectivity


Each PART is expected to take 3-5 hours to complete on average.

Learners will have 3 months to complete the course. The course is suitable for all helping professionals, teachers, medical staff, managers and others with an interest in psychology, mental health, social justice AND equality.

The course comprises reading material, guided study, relevant videos and references. Learners may also join an online forum to connect with other learners taking the course. The forum will be available 14 days after the course contents becomes available. A PowerPoint presentation and resource list will be available to download and retain upon completion.


The course is priced at £399 for non-members and £199 for Race Reflections’ members. Early birds discounts will be offered. The course will be available towards the end of 2020. Please contact us ( or use the form below to register your interest and we will let you know when registration opens.