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Beyond Bias Training (BBT), Race Reflections’ flagship course, will soon be available for online completion!


Unconscious Bias training (UBT) is the default or preferred method to combat or reduce discrimination and prejudice in the workplace and other institutional settings. However, it continues to attract significant criticisms and pushback on methodological, political and ethical grounds. In our opinion, those criticisms are warranted. Valid. And require thorough reflection. Tackling the reproduction of racism, discrimination and exclusion at micro-levels within organisations is absolutely necessary and although all unconscious bias training courses are certainly not created equal, racism occurs at all levels of organisational functioning and processes, including at meso and macro levels (e.g. groups dynamics, institutional policies and procedures, organisational culture). So, let’s be clear that:

*Exclusively or primarily focusing on unconscious bias to tackle racial (and other) inequality is a losing battle.

*Exclusively or primarily focusing on unconscious bias to tackle racial (and other) inequality thus amounts to structural racism (and sexism, and ableism, etc.)

*To take effective action to reduce structural violence and inequality, organisations serious about tackling inequality, injustice and discrimination must take a much closer look at the macro context, and its relationship to meso and micro processes.


The course will cover:

*Structural and institutional racism

*Intersectionality and intersectional violence

*Micro-meso-macro links (eg. links between unconscious bias, social inequality and organisational practices)

*Historical configurations and present-day institutional arrangements

*Power as a vector of exclusion and marginalisation (again from the micro to the macro)

*Tools, strategies and methods to reduce structural harm including anti-racist tool


Each PART is expected to take three to five hours to complete on average.

Learners will have three months to complete the course. The course is suitable for all helping professionals, teachers, medical staff, managers and others with an interest in psychology, mental health, social justice AND anti-racism.

The course comprises reading material, guided study, relevant videos and references. Learners may also join an online forum to connect with other learners taking the course. The forum will be available 14 days after the course contents becomes available. A PowerPoint presentation and a resource list will be available to download and retain after you have completed the course.


The course is priced at £399 for non-members and £199 for Race Reflections’ members.

Early birds discounts will be offered. The course will be available towards the end of 2020. Please contact us ( or use the form below to register your interest and we will let you know when registration opens.