Why Us?

Hey, I’m Guilaine.

Founder and Director of Race Reflections. I am Head Disruptor here. I am a Psychologist, an Adjunct Professor of Critical Psychology and a lover of African music, chocolate and high fashion. I create all courses for the ACADEMY. I’m passionate about all things equality and I help individuals and organisations tackle inequality, injustice and oppression-related challenges head on. I would be honoured to support your learning and development journey.

About Race Reflections

Race Reflections is first and foremost a growing community of thinkers, practitioners and organisers seeking to rethink inequality, injustice and oppression, their impact on our psychological worlds and on the world around us. It is also a bank of deeply challenging articles, think pieces and learning and development resources.

Race Reflections started as a blogging platform and after years of creating freely accessible disruptive and engaging contents and one award nomination, Race Reflections launched as membership site on Saturday 9th May 2020, taking disruption to a new level.

So when you enrol on one of our courses, you are joining a community. A community that wants to engage with the world differently, a community deeply committed to social and structural change, and a community prepared to challenge the status quo.

Connect as you learn, share your reflections, hear that of others too with our end of course group online consultations and learners’ forum.

Be part of the Race Reflections community! Let’s make the world a better place, together.

Please get in touch to discuss our courses or just to say hello, we’d be glad to have a chat.

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Considering enrolling on a Race Reflections course?

Here is why you should…

If you’re considering investing in your learning and development with Race Reflections ACADEMY, thank you!

I thought you may find it helpful to know a little bit about the theoretical foundations and experiences underscoring Race Reflections’ courses and why we think there is simply nothing like our courses out there.

A deep understanding of culture, society and inequality

I studied English, American, European Civilisation, Culture and Societies as an undergrad in France and the UK (a mixture of language, literature and cultural/societal studies). For my major project, I looked at racism and marginalisation in the inner cities of France.

I then studied Psychology and Counselling Psychology. For my dissertation I looked at marginalisation and the experiences of undocumented migrants in the U.K.

After this, I studied Transcultural Mental Health. For my dissertation, I looked at racism and mental health inequalities.

For my clinical psychology doctoral studies, I looked at racism, racial injustice and racial trauma. My major service evaluation was about equity and service access.

Psychoanalytic and group analytic insights on injustice and oppression

My specialist doctoral placement was on racism and racial trauma with a focus on organisational settings. Using group analytic thinking, I supported employees of colour make sense of race-based group dynamics and racial conflicts at work, while equipping them with navigational and self-care strategies.

I have completed foundational studies in psychoanalysis and philosophy, then embarked on group analytic studies, which I am still completing. For my clinical paper I wrote on racism and group processes. For my theoretical paper I explored the social unconscious, racism and racial trauma. Both papers have since been published in (the journal of) Group Analysis, and have recently been cited as ‘recommended’ reading in the profession.

An unwavering professional commitment to social justice…

In between those major studies, I set up my own practice working specifically with people of colour, mostly around issues of racism, trauma, oppression and their intersections with other adverse life experiences.

I have spent over 15 years working with marginalised groups and with issues of equality in various roles. In management and senior management. In research. In consultation. In coaching. And also clinically. I have also worked with large corporate clients seeking to increase inclusion and equity.

I have published I think about 100 articles on racism or related to racism in various platforms, academic journals, media outlets. I’ve written the bulk of these on on Race Reflections. These articles centre, without censorship, the lived experience of oppression. Many offer clinical tools and frameworks to work with Racial Trauma and oppression and consider the impact of structural racism. I’m writing my first book, White Minds: the Psychology of Whiteness, to be published in 2021 with Policy Press.

Engagement, impact and change

Oh, and I was invited to give a TEDx talk on racism, in which I presented my framework of epistemic homelessness which explores the psychological impact of subtle racism.

There is much more. But I think that is probably enough to help you make your mind up and to assess the depth, breadth and expertise you’ll be tapping into.

I set up the Race Reflections Academy to offer high quality, critical and practical e-solutions to inequality and injustice derived from years of study, research, practice and reflection.

We will engage your head and your heart. You will be signing up for engagement, impact and change. Because they bring psychological, sociological/cultural, psychoanalytic and group analytic perspectives, combined with empirical evidence and lived experience, our courses are comprehensive, thorough and UNIQUE.

I am confident that they will challenge you deeply and make you rethink your position, ideas and beliefs.

‘ I will conclude by thanking Ms Kinouani for taking such a brave initiative to bring this question once more to our attention, putting it so clearly and evocatively within a group analytic framework and requiring me, and I hope many others, to again rethink our ideas, positions and beliefs

Dick Blackell, Group Analyst

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